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National reports

Our partners and experts are working on producing reports and tools that will be uploaded on this website and shared through activities (conferences, trainings, etc.) among partner countries.

National reports from our partners

Mapping of the youth lawyers systems in the UE – overview of the existing youth lawyers systems in 18 countries (Legislation, Practice, Financing systems,Type of training youth lawyers get, Associations of youth lawyers and their functioning, existing tools at national level, etc.).

Our national reports provide an overview on how children feel and experience their right of access to a lawyer (the way they interact with him, the way they perceive him and with the rest of professionnals that interact in this relationship (social workers, educators, mediators, judges…), to which extent they can count on him at the different stages of the procedure,…).
They gather useful information on how European Directives are being implemented, not only from theory but also from the evidences on their practical application (obstacles, good practices, etc.), and present a number of recommendations and tools to improve the situation by addressing many specific aspects that intervene in the full exercise of the right of access to legal aid by children.

You will find here all the national reports and their short versions registered as “country overviews”.





The Netherlands

National reports by DLA Piper (desk researches)


England & Wales











Upcoming outputs

Editing the online platform (database) whose goal is to provide Member States and other relevant actors with practical and easily accessible tools to track themselves the effective and efficient transposition of the Directives into Juvenile Justice systems; and to dispose of tools and examples on: training of the lawyers, definition of their role, child legal aid structures, ethical guidelines and principles, examples of financing systems, etc. This database is currently under construction;

Editing manuals for professionals and policymakers (capacity-building for the correct implementation of the Directives). A first manual will be addressed to Member States in order to indicate how to ensure the legal and justice systems comply with the EU Directives and other EU law standards in the field of Juvenile Justice. The second manual will be addressed to youth lawyers and will remind the minimum principles that are applicable in child case and how to defend a child properly during a criminal proceeding.

Awareness raising with a video performed by children and addressed to youth lawyers (testimonies from our partners Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Ireland and Bulgaria);

Implementation of advocacy and dissemination strategies. The advocacy strategy will be implemented in the 6 partner countries (Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Ireland and Bulgaria). The goal is to enter into direct dialogue with national actors and youth lawyer associations and bars through information sessions (including awareness-raising modules and presentation of project’s results) within different public institutions (ministries, youth justice agencies, related government departments, etc.), and in-person meetings with key actors at the decision-making level. At UE level, we will make a presentation of the project’s outputs and results in strategic EU conferences and in the EU Parliament.

List of our project's outputs

18 national reports

1 common report including comparative analysis of juvenile justice systems

1 online database

2 manuals

1 awareness-raising video

30 information sessions for national authorities

15 advocacy meetings with national policymakers

6 national conferences

30 awareness-raising sessions with youth lawyers

1 impact assessment report


More information and details on our outputs will be added as they evolve. 

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